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Artem Mozgovoy's bedroom

Artem Mozgovoy

Writer, poet, and journalist from Russia

Born and raised in a small town in Central Siberia at the time when the Soviet Union was falling apart, I began my career as a cadet journalist in a local newspaper when I was sixteen; at twenty-six I was an editor-in-chief.

In 2011, as Russia began legalizing its persecution of gay people, I left my homeland.

Artem Mozgovoy bathrobe
Artem Mozgovoy luggage
Artem Mozgovoy

Having lived in six different countries – including the United States – and worked as a movie extra, a yoga instructor, a busboy, and a magician’s assistant... I hold a Luxembourgish passport, write poetry and fiction in Russian and English, and with my Romanian partner live in Brussels, Belgium.

Artem Mozgovoy writer
Artem Mozgovoy novelist
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