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Artem Mozgovoy's bedroom

Artem Mozgovoy

Writer, poet, and journalist from Russia

Born and raised in a small town in Central Siberia at the time when the Soviet Union was falling apart, I began my career as a cadet journalist in a local newspaper when I was sixteen; at twenty-six I was an editor-in-chief.

In 2011, as Russia began legalizing its persecution of gay people, I left my homeland.

Artem Mozgovoy bathrobe
Artem Mozgovoy luggage
Artem Mozgovoy

Having lived in six different countries – including the United States – and worked as a movie extra, a yoga instructor, a busboy, and a magician’s assistant... I hold a Luxembourgish passport, write poetry and fiction in Russian and English, and with my Romanian partner live in Brussels, Belgium.

Artem Mozgovoy writer

My novel "Spring in Siberia" is out and available wherever books are sold. Below you can read some of my short stories, novellas, travel notes or poems.

Artem Mozgovoy novelist
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